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Dead Air: Episode 28 - The Lords Of Salem (2013)

This week on the show, Jeff (@Jeff_FOTD), Shawn  (@TheLiberalDead - Head Honcho at The Liberal Dead), and James (@DrJimmyTerror - The fiend behind Dr Terror's Blog of Horrors) break out their Pope Hats andhold Rob Zombie's latest film, The Lords Of Salem, to the fire!

Does Sheri Moon Zombie get nekkid? How many cameos from horror character actors did you spot? Do the guys enjoy watching Black Metal Dudes lick people? More importantly, is that really the Geico Caveman?!

All of these things are answered here in detail, along with a lot of other horror and genre talk including thoughts on:

  • The Disco Exorcist
  • Joysticks
  • Gangster Squad
  • Broken City
  • Resolution
  • Re-Animator
  • From Beyond
  • The Last Stand
  • Hansel & Gretel
  • House Hunting
  • The Frankenstein Theory
  • Room 237
  • High School
  • Noobz
  • Dazed And Confused
  • The King Of Kong
  • And much more!

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And, as always, if you want to drop us a line to let us know what you think of Lords Of Salem, or you just want to give us feedback on the podcast in general, please send an email to podcast (at) liberaldead (dot) com.

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