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Dead Air: Episode 33 - Pacific Rim (2013)

"Go Big Or Go Extinct."

This week on the show, James is on vacation, but Jeff (@Jeff_FOTD) and Shawn (@TheLiberalDead) duke it out with Director Guillermo Del Toro's Robots vs Monster epic, Pacific Rim! Included is a full review of the film and an in-depth discussion of the current controversy surrounding it and its box office and critical reception.

Is the movie really a financial disaster? How many times do the phrases "Giant Robots" and "Giant Monsters" come up (Hint: You should try playing a drinking game with this)? Why do people seem to want this movie to fail?

All of these burning questions will be answered... Oh, and don't worry if you haven't watched it yet. Tonight's show is a spoiler-free affair.

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