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Dead Air: Episode 53 - Italian Horror Week 2014 / The Beyond (1981)
Welcome to a special episode of the Dead Air Horror & Genre Podcast; brought to you by GenreWatch,The Liberal Dead, and Doc Terror!
This week on the show, Jeff (@Jeff_FOTD), James (@DrJimmyTerror), and Jesse (@DestroySuperman) have a sit-down to talk all about ITALIAN HORROR WEEK 2014 and review Lucio Fulci's Italian Horror Masterpiece, THE BEYOND...
First, the guys talk a bit about some recent films they've been watching, including DAYS OF HEAVEN, KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA, THE BLOB, DAZED & CONFUSED, Scream Factory's LAKE PLACID Blu-ray, THE BUNNYMAN MASSACREHOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK, and more!
Next, the guys discuss the awesome synth stylings of Videogram, who made an Italian Horror-centric album that coincided with Italian Horror Week.
Finally, we dive headfirst into Lucio Fulci's nightmarish horror classic, THE BEYOND!

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