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Welcome to a special Christmas-themed episode of DEAD AIR - the official podcast of The Liberal Dead!

This week, your host Jeff Konopka is joined by co-host James Harris (of Dr. Terror's Blog of Horrors) and guest Jesse Bartel (of Game Tyrant) for a special extended Holiday-themed chat and a review of the 2012 remake of Silent Night.

First, the boys discuss all of the films they have been watching during this Holiday season. The highlight of this chat revolves around the recent DVD re-release of the original Silent Night, Deadly Night: Parts 1 & 2. All three of them watched it, and they have a lot to say about both films (and the series in general).

Afterwards, the trio head into a full in-depth review of the recent "remake," Silent Night. Without spoiling the discussion, it's safe to say that there is a mixed reaction, and each of the crew has a bit of a different opinion of the film.

After the guys give their final recommendations, listeners are treated to a Silent Night, Deadly Night-themed montage of music and audio clips, including a vintage news report from 1985 on the film's re-release. Be sure to stick around for a special treat!

DEAD AIR will return in January with a brand new slate of reviews for first-run genre features!

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